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Thermo Life® Energy Corp. introduced its 3-volt thin film thermoelectric device in 2001, under joint development with DTS, Gmbh, Halle, Germany. Since then, Thermo Life™ Energy Corp. has moved all Low Power Thermoelectric Generator ("LPTG") research and development to the U.S. and obtained a patent (as well as additional patents pending) for the unique nanotechnology processes involved in its fabrication. The device makes 3 volts of electricity continuously when placed between two surfaces (or a surface and air) that have a difference in temperature of as little as 5 °C.

Thermo Life's laboratory, located in Corvallis, Oregon, is involved in prototype production and further commercialization of the Low Power Thermoelectric Generator ("LPTG") (patented and patents pending).

The lab facility houses all processes needed to produce finished thin-film thermo electric modules, including photo lithography, vacuum deposition, micro assembly, quality measurement and miscellaneous operations.

Thermo Life® Energy Corp. is part of Thermogen Technologies, Inc. If you wish to learn more about Thermogen™, we invite you to explore our website further: www.thermogentech.com

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