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IP Recruiter – Why You Need an IP Recruiter

IP Recruiter – Why You Need an IP Recruiter


In the not-too-distant past, it was easy for businesses to quarantine sensitive intellectual property (IP). Confidential information might have been written on paper or in spreadsheets – formulae, diagrams, customer lists, contracts and the like. Nowadays, however, employees can create IP from any location and it’s not uncommon for them to transfer it to their personal devices and even upload it to cloud-based file-sharing services. According to a recent survey by Symantec, 62% of employees think it’s acceptable to move work data off their employer’s network and many of them don’t delete the IP from their devices or home computers.Source :https://mwaip.com/

Often this can result in IP infringements, particularly of copyright, patents and registered designs, where breaching confidence normally requires knowledge of the information. It’s therefore important that your new-starter induction process promotes and reinforces a culture of respect for third party IP rights and explains that bringing IP from previous employers to your business could breach their employment contract, expose your business to legal action and compromise the integrity of the confidential information which you are sharing with them.

From Law to Talent: The Journey of IP Recruiters

This is a great way to boost employee retention and ensure that your best people remain loyal, especially in the highly specialized area of intellectual property. For example, by offering a variety of project management and client-facing roles within your IP practice you can encourage internal movement while allowing employees to upskill and gain experience in different areas of the firm.

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