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Poland Price – Interim Order of the Court of Justice

Poland Price – Interim Order of the Court of Justice

EU Workers decision of the Court Vice-President to order Poland to cease, except where there is a threat to public safety, the active forest management operations (including felling and removal of centuries-old dead spruces) in the Bialowieza Forest area, in breach of Article 19 TEU, is revolutionary. It has put the Court in a position that no European court has ever before found itself in, forcing Poland to choose between the club of European integration and the path of authoritarian illiberalism.

The emergence of such a quagmire is no accident. It follows a clear attempt by the Polish government to undermine the bank’s independence in the run-up to the elections. Governor Glapinski made a decision that many borrowers may like, but one which was clearly politically motivated.

Factors Influencing Interim Service Pricing in Poland

As the political stakes in the country rose, he defended his actions by claiming that the rate cuts were justified on the basis of modeling that showed inflation would finally fall below 10 percent in September, a threshold that he had previously stated needed to be broken for a cut to take effect.

However, he has also argued that it is essential for the integrity of the judicial system to allow the national courts to operate in accordance with fundamental rights and in full independence from the executive and legislative branches of government. In other words, the independence of the judiciary is a precondition for the rule of law and it cannot be compromised.

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