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Recycled Spam Traps

Recycled Spam Traps

recycled spam traps is an old, valid email address that was once used by a person or business but has been repurposed by their mailbox provider as a spam trap. This type of trap is less harmful than a pristine spam trap, but it highlights the importance of good list hygiene and bounce management practices.

People change email addresses (like that first super cool one you got as a freshman in college), and these old, dead, or unused email ids can end up in your email marketing list, which is why it’s important to have strict validation rules on your signup forms and regularly clean your data from bounced addresses. This is also why it’s important to use a verified opt-in method and engage with your contacts on a consistent basis to keep them engaged.

Navigating the Minefield: How to Avoid Recycled Spam Traps in Email Marketing Campaigns

Mailbox providers and anti-spam organizations maintain “armies” of honeypots, which are accounts that have been deactivated for months or years, but have been revived as a way to detect unsolicited emails sent by spammers. Sending an email to a honeypot is very damaging to your reputation as a sender and could cause your emails to be blocked or blacklisted.

Continual hits from recycled spam traps will damage your sending reputation with ISPs and could result in blocking or limit email for a period of time until improvements are made. As such, it’s very important to work with your Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM email compliance team on improvements likely to solve the issue and restore healthy sending conditions as soon as possible.

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