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Thermo Life® Characteristics

  • Patent Pending Low Power Thermoelectric Generator
  • Direct conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy
  • Small temperature differences of less than 5 Kelvin (i.e. -between 20 C and 25 C) can provide the source of the thermal energy (i.e. - waste heat, body heat)
  • Voltage is proportional to temperature difference
    5 C temperature difference generates nearly 6 V open voltage at matched load 3 V, 10 A of current, 30 W of power
    10 C temperature difference generates 11 V open voltage at matched load 5.5 V, 25 A of current, 135 W of power
  • Larger temperature difference creates larger power output with a maximum temperature difference of 100 C
  • Operates efficiently in almost every environment condition with an operating temperature range from 0 C to 100 C
  • Compact device, miniaturized size and ultra lightweight
  • Reliable, shockproof supply with no mechanical parts
  • No movement, light or clean environment is required to generate the electrical energy
  • Unlimited shelf life and no self discharge
  • Solid device, no compressed gases or chemicals, an environmentally "green" renewable energy resource
  • Output compatible with the requirements of the latest micro systems

  • Improvements for 2005
    Creating Increased Performance for Thermo Life®
  • Output compatible with the requirements of the latest micro systems
  • Increased film thickness
  • Decreased substrate thickness
  • Lower product cost
  • New round design creating more power output
  • New round design contributes to higher conversion efficiency
  • New round design is smaller and weighs nearly 50% less than the former Thermo Life® design

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