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Steps in Tennis Court Construction

Steps in Tennis Court Construction

tennis court construction

A quality tennis court construction requires more than just a surface. The site must be properly surveyed, graded and excavated to provide a foundation that can withstand the heavy loads that will be placed on it.

Once the excavation process has been completed and the appropriate soil composition analyzed it is time to begin construction of the court. Our engineers will utilize laser-controlled equipment to construct a stone base and then a heavy-duty asphalt pavement layer for the foundation of your court. Surface surfacing is then applied using an application of water-based and sand-filled acrylic latex products that offer protection and performance. Other necessary items like fencing, bleachers, lighting and more are also installed to enhance your new facility.

The Essential Guide to Tennis Court Construction: A Step-by-Step Overview

After the surface is poured it is important to ensure proper drainage. This is done by utilizing options such as storm drainage with an interceptor component, French drains and perforated drain lines surrounded with stone. Proper drainage is vital to prevent moisture buildup and potential damage that may result in the need for future repairs.

The final steps of the project are completing all facets of fencing and the installation of the net. Fencing is important for two reasons: it provides a physical barrier to keep the ball contained and it serves as a privacy feature for players and spectators. The fence must also be constructed of high-quality materials to ensure safety and durability.

Finally, it is a good idea to include seats or bleachers for spectators to sit while watching the action. Player amenities like a canopy or tennis air dome are also nice to have to help protect the players from the sun while they play.

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