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What Is Wetpour Maintenance?

What Is Wetpour Maintenance?

Wetpour Maintenance

Wetpour Maintenance is the process of ensuring that your rubber play surface stays clean and safe for as long as possible through a variety of strategies. This includes brushing the area to eliminate mud, debris and natural matter from the surface and also ensures that the pores on the safety surfacing don’t get blocked up.

The main advantage of wet pour surfaces is their ability to provide high levels of impact absorption which significantly reduces the chances of injury in case of a fall. This makes it an ideal material for playgrounds and other leisure areas where children can spend much of their time.

Wetpour Maintenance for Sports and Recreation Facilities: Key Considerations

However, the longevity of wet pour surfaces can be impacted by poor installation, weather damage and the type of binder used for the surface. In addition, it is vital that all surfaces undergo routine and operational inspections and maintenance to ensure they are up to standard and free from any problems.

If there is a minor issue with your wetpour surface such as tears, you can order a repair kit which comes complete with EPDM rubber granules and a resin binder. This is a more cost-effective way of dealing with these small issues than replacing the entire surface.

Wetpour is a popular choice for playgrounds, but it can also be found in pathways and trails, water parks, multi-use games areas, tennis courts, animal enclosures at zoos and even indoor walking tracks in malls. This type of surface is perfect for any environment where a durable and safe flooring is required.

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